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Welcome to JUGANOTH! 

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We're a SWTOR criminal guild. You're a no-good-out-of-work scoundrel. Join us, we pay well. Mostly in Lum, but occasionally in credits too.

OH! And we have chicks. Real life ones. That look like the picture to the left. Seriously.


We're an 18 or older group of scallywags (sorry kids, someday you'll be able to call other people kids, but not today). We're here to have fun, role playing is optional (but encouraged), and to scheme against our enemies. Of which we have many. Or hope to. We're accepting applications as I write this.

Speaking of applications, we have a special one available for any chick that's really a chick. We need someone to class up this place. It's starting to smell like old socks.

Oh wait, didn't I promise we already had chicks?



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JUGANOTH is currently recruiting the following:
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Jedi Consular (25)
Jedi Knight (25)
Smuggler (25)
Trooper (25)
"Someone say something witty so I can update this thing"

- -Administration
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